Capital Projects

Since our founding in 1970, the majority of our capital projects have been the result of generous donors who believed in the school’s future. Our current capital projects include an Academic Center, Campus Gateway, and a Parking Deck.

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour through Providence Day School and see how the Charging Forward Campaign will create a tangible impact on the campus for generations to come.

Academic Center

4 stories  /  80,542 sq. ft.

  1. 32 Learning Labs
  2. 150-Seat Lecture Theater
  3. Large Collaborative Learning Center
  4. Student Lounges
  5. Global Café
  6. Spirit Store
  7. Outdoor Terraces and Gardens
  8. Faculty Hubs
  9. Conference Rooms

A new Academic Center will serve to optimize the teaching and learning environment. Designed to encourage an interactive, collaborative approach to learning, the Academic Center will stand as the centerpiece of a collegiate-style quad that will inspire innovative thinking and significantly improve pace of life for students and faculty. Classrooms will be structured and furnished as flexible, mixed-use spaces to facilitate research study, student interaction, and creativity. Faculty will benefit from collaborative meeting rooms and interdepartmental groupings that foster cross-discipline programming and planning. The Academic Center will also allow Providence Day to make better use of current space, re-purposing existing buildings to more strategically serve the student community.

Campus Gateway

2 stories  /  7,200 sq. ft.

  1. 4 Conference Rooms
  2. Admissions Suite
  3. College Guidance Suite
  4. Outdoor Balconies
  5. Covered Arcade

The new Campus Gateway building will create a more welcoming entrance to campus, as visitors will experience a sense of arrival befitting the Providence Day School name. Students and teachers can gather in the grassy courtyard between the Gateway building and the Academic Center, reminiscent of a collegiate-style quad. With both the Admissions and College Guidance offices located in the building, students begin and end their journey at the same place – a powerful symbol of our TK-12 education – on their way to becoming active, engaged Alumni.

Parking Deck

Split-Level  /  200 Parking Spaces

Expanded parking will serve as a catalyst for greater student and pedestrian safety on campus, and improved pace of life.

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