We Did It!



A Message From Our Head of School and Board Chair

As we celebrate the incredibly successful conclusion of the five-year, $27 million Charging Forward comprehensive campaign, the community’s enthusiastic philanthropic response was overwhelming, gratifying, humbling and exciting.

At the start of the campaign, we understood that serving as true stewards of Providence Day meant we must focus not on our own future, but a future four or five generations from now. That vision was used to fuel our hopes and dreams for this ambitious initiative.

Together, we achieved remarkable and historic milestones that will leave a lasting legacy on our campus, faculty and staff, and most important, our students. The deep passion this community has for Providence Day is an abiding strength -- one that we value and cherish.

Thank you for all you have done in support of our Charger community.

Dr. Glyn Cowlishaw, Head of School
Dr. Chris Mullis '90, Chair, Board of Trustees

A Message From Our National Chair

The caring, commitment and spirit of our Charger family is so inspiring and is a culture without compare! What several years ago was a dream has become a reality thanks to extraordinary generosity by our families and friends, and to awesome work by the campaign team. I’m especially thrilled that 100% of our faculty, staff and administration contributed to Charging Forward, a rarity and part of what makes this accomplishment truly special.

In the world of education, nothing could be better than to see our endowment and annual giving grow, to see our beautiful campus, and to see the tangible examples of love and caring in the naming of spaces where our students and teachers learn together.

I have always been proud to be a Charger and never more so than with this fantastic Charging Forward campaign. It has been an honor to serve as your National Campaign Chair. We are ONE Charger family that supports each other in every way.

Congratulations and thank you to all.

Cathy Bessant, National Chair
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