Grandparent Cynthia Heath Looks to Broaden PD’s Impact

“I am always excited about opportunities to make a difference in education and students’ lives.”

Providence Day is the grateful recipient of the “seize the moment” mentality of grandparent Cynthia Heath. A regular and generous contributor to the school’s Annual Fund, Cynthia understands that philanthropic giving supports classroom teachers and academic programs – two things near and dear to her heart.

A lawyer by training and a life-long advocate of education, she sees in PD the traits and characteristics of a great school: a focus on the whole child, broad and diverse academic curriculum, family-friendly and inclusive atmosphere, and highly-skilled faculty.

In fact, it was the combination of all these elements that motivated her to offer a $25,000 Challenge specifically for grandparents as part of the CHARGING forward campaign. She’s been impressed by the impact of Providence Day on her grandsons – twins David and Braden, and Henry – and tells a particular story to illustrate the point.

Last summer, she took the twins to Philadelphia for a trip exploring the historic moments of the American Revolution. “I was a history major…and they were telling me things I did not know because of what they learned at Providence Day,” she explained.

During a tour of Valley Forge, the guide asked if there were any questions. The boys responded with thoughtful inquiries that signaled their understanding of the significance of the location and its role as a turning point in the war. After answering their questions, the guide remarked to Cynthia, “Usually when I pose that question, the kids say ‘what’s for lunch?’”

“I couldn’t be prouder of them,” she said. “They’re happy at school, they are learning multiple disciplines, they have depth in what they are learning, and they are being taught respect of others…this is why I think it’s a superior school.”

That pride and appreciation for a Providence Day education is what Cynthia hopes all PD grandparents have an opportunity to experience first-hand. She expects the success of the CHARGING forward campaign will create even more memorable moments by serving as a catalyst for broadening the school’s impact across the U.S. and internationally.

The partnership between school and home — including grandparents — is critical to all these outcomes.

Cynthia is the proud grandparent of twins David ’25 and Braden ’25, and Henry ’29.