Seizing the Opportunity Comes Naturally for the Slattery Family

Running a large, blended family has taught Andrew and June Slattery that living in the moment is just another way of investing in the future. After all, the busy demands of their day-to-day don’t give them a lot of time to think. They have to act.

Perhaps that’s why generously committing to the CHARGING forward campaign was such a no-brainer for them. They saw a need, and they acted. It’s this seize-the-moment mentality that drives many of their decisions. Well, that and an unbridled enthusiasm for challenges and opportunities. Something they have instilled in their children.

With three of their four children currently attending Providence Day, the Slatterys have a broad perspective on the PDS educational experience. They credit the welcoming, diverse environment for their children’s success on the field, the court, the stage, and in the classroom.

“I like walking around campus and seeing a melting pot of kids,” says June. “The diverse culture that’s represented at PDS is a huge draw for us. It’s clear that the school supports each child’s individual interests and needs.”

The Slatterys hold firm to the idea that any child can be successful at PDS. From sports to theater productions and everything in between, students can explore a wide range of interests and talents. And they have one thing in common: they are encouraged to find their own path. The welcoming, supportive community reaffirms June and Andrew’s belief that every child at PDS has the opportunity to write their own narrative.

“There’s a down-to-earth culture here that’s far different than other institutions,” Andrew says. “Everyone is on the same playing field.”

Spend a few minutes chatting with June and Andrew and it’s evident how invested they are in PDS. Both spend an enormous amount of time on campus supporting their children, and by extension, supporting the school. And if you run into them off campus — and your child doesn’t attend PDS — they are likely to try and recruit you.

The Slattery’s excitement for the future of PDS is contagious. They view the CHARGING forward campaign as one of those seize-the-moment opportunities to demonstrate their belief in the school’s mission, and their gratitude for the impact the Charger community has on their family.

“The school is a huge part of our lives,” says June. “We want to be sure to give back to a place that is helping groom our children to be respectful, responsible adults. It’s not a Utopia here though,” she continues, “and that’s how we like it. We don’t want to coddle our kids. They have to go out into the world where there are all kinds of people and challenges. I feel like this school holds true to preparing them for that idea.”

And at this particular moment, they were able to give a gift that will affect the lives of everyone connected to PDS. More importantly, the Slatterys know that their gift will impact the school for years to come.

“We may act in the moment,” Andrew says. “But it’s really about the long game.”

Andrew and June are the proud parents of Brooke ’17,
Joey ’21, Grace ’25 and Chloe ’28.