The Horwitz Family is Investing In Current and Future Students

Providence Day is a place where families with different backgrounds, beliefs, and global outlooks can come together and share in their desire to learn and grow. As a community, we strive to make those who are a part of it comfortable.

As soon as Christy and Andy Horwitz stepped foot on campus, they realized that this school is a welcoming place. Every aspect of our community greets new families with open arms.

“It definitely feels like a community, where I know that those on campus have my children’s best interest in mind,” said Andy. “It’s not just the school, the administration, the teachers and the students — but it’s also the parents.”

What the Horwitz family have come to discover during their time at PD is what families have understood for the last 47 years which is: children aren’t just ‘your’ kids when they come here, they are “our” kids.

“That is true,” echoes Christy. “A lot of the teachers and administrators here are parents. They’re actually playing the role of administrator or teacher and parent all at the same time.”

The realization of this place being an all-encompassing community led the Horwitzes to invest in the CHARGING forward campaign. The Horwitzes are philanthropic in nature, but their donation to this campaign was above and beyond anything they had previously given to any organization.

“We had two thoughts,” said Andy. “One was what better investment is there than education for future generations. The second was if we were going to do something beyond our normal charitable giving, that PD’s CHARGING forward campaign was a great place to start.”

This campaign is providing a future of innovative teaching and learning for our students. They are the main benefactors of these great changes. Students are the reason that there is a culture of philanthropy on this campus and that people invest in the school.

“This campaign reminds me that I’m not just doing this for my children, but for the future of the school,” Christy said.

Christy and Andy say that they have told their kids about the campaign and that it is important to them that they support it.

“They need to know that we’re proud of the school that they go to and it is all of our responsibility to support this,” explained Christy.

Providence Day is building for the future. The CHARGING forward campaign is laying the groundwork for the next generation of PD students to become leaders in a global world.

“As the world seemingly gets more interconnected every day, who knows where our children will end up living in the future,” said Andy. “Wherever they are, they will carry with them the education they received here at PD. I hope they will retain a connection to this community and be grateful for what PD instilled in them and be proud of what Providence Day is and will continue to be.”

Andy and Christy are the proud parents of Eddie ’21, Leah ’22 and Ashley ’22.