Lozier Family Values All The Little Moments At PD

For Amanda and Jim Lozier, supporting the CHARGING forward campaign wasn’t motivated by a singular event, experience, or even ask. Rather, it was the combination of many occasions over the past three years that culminated in a generous five-year $125,000 commitment.

These moments started at the very beginning of their time at Providence Day.

“To me, the thing that was most impressive — the thing that solidified my feelings about the school — were a series of moments where I realized how inclusive the organization was,” explained Jim. “[Providence Day] seemed to be the most…global and diverse in terms of its thinking.”

Student-teacher interactions both inside and outside the classroom also added to the Lozier’s positive feelings toward the school and the campaign.

“There are a lot of days where teachers prepare something fun…where it really gets [students] engaged and excited,” explained Amanda. She remembers one morning when her daughter Grace woke up at 5 a.m. ready to go to school anticipating the day’s planned activity. And when she picks them up from school, her children compete over who gets to talk first about what they did that day. “It’s exciting and it’s engaging; that’s the difference,” added Jim. “I don’t think anybody here is checking boxes and just trying to move through [the curriculum]. The faculty is really trying to provide engaging experiences for the kids.”

Jim and Amanda both appreciate and value the consistently high quality instruction, and the level of interaction that teachers have with their students – often many years later.

So when they first heard about the CHARGING forward campaign, which was still in the ‘quiet phase’ at the time, they were excited. The campaign seemed like a great opportunity to honor and celebrate their cumulative Providence Day experiences as a family. The campaign would also serve to keep the school competitive in the market. Most important, though, was the goal of providing the best atmosphere for students and teachers to work together.

In considering their gift, maintaining their support for the Annual Fund was important to the Lozier’s because they understand the critical role the Annual Fund plays in enhancing the educational experience of all students. In fact, the inclusion of the Annual Fund and the Endowment in the campaign provided them a level of confidence because administrators were focused on investing in the long-term stability of the school, and not just the allure of a new building.

Helping to improve the Charger community for current and future students is another moment in their Providence Day history that Jim and Amanda can look back on with pride.

Amanda and Jim are the proud parents of Grace ’26, Emerson ’28, and Camryn ‘28.