$1 Million Commitment Puts Campaign on Pole Position

Providence Day’s CHARGING forward campaign is not yet in victory lane but with Amy and Brian France’s $1 million commitment in December 2014, one could say it’s on the pole position and ready to lead the field to green.

And lead the field is exactly what Amy and Brian hoped this donation would do by encouraging widespread commitments across the community in support of education.

As Chairman and CEO of NASCAR and a third generation leader of the stock car racing empire, Brian, and his wife Amy, are continuing a France family tradition of philanthropic giving. And like their parents and grandparents before them, contributing significant amounts of their time and money to charitable initiatives is nothing new for Amy and Brian, whose efforts are as widespread as they are prolific.

From support of military veterans to various medical issues, there doesn’t seem to be a cause the Frances don’t support. But as parents, Amy and Brian are particularly drawn to any and all issues affecting children.

“Improving the lives of youth, both our own and those of the community, is simply part of our DNA,” Amy said. “As a mother every child feels like a heartbeat away from my own and we want to do everything we can to positively impact America’s next generation.”

With this gift the Frances were hopeful others in the Charlotte community would follow suit.

“At the end of the day we just hope to be a part of something bigger than our own family, and we believe that in partnership with other contributors we can make a real impact,” said Amy France. “Education is the great equalizer, opening up endless doors and providing a pathway for all of America’s youth. Providence Day is at the forefront of the education movement, openly promoting global awareness and pushing its students to be astute thinkers and creative problem solvers.”

Impressed by the school’s philosophy, nurturing environment and inspiring culture, Amy and Brian knew right away that Providence Day was the perfect fit for this charitable gift. From their time on campus with Brian’s twins Lauren and Will, it’s been abundantly clear that PDS encourages students to engage in activities that teach leadership, community service and personal responsibility.

“I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact Providence Day is having on my kids as well as thousands of others and it’s quite impressive,” Brian said. “Education plays such an important role in the formative years of childhood and the Charlotte community is very lucky to have a world-class operation in PDS.”

Amy, whose commitment to youth and education exploded exponentially when she and Brian became parents to twins Luke and Meadow, feels strongly that Providence Day’s core tenets greatly impact our children’s future.

“The CHARGING forward campaign will have a direct impact on character development of Lauren, Will and countless other Charlotte-based children,” she said. “Providence Day is one of the finest institutions in this country and this campaign will help ensure the school maintains its leadership position.”