The Lorenz Family Sees the Campaign Making Dreams Come True

The Lorenz family had been living in the U.K. when a move to Charlotte necessitated searching for not only a home, but a school to call home as well.  They found the latter at Providence Day.

Following a campus visit to local independent schools, Bill and Carol queried their two teenagers Will and Kate for their opinions.  The unequivocal and unanimous response:  ‘We are going to Providence Day School.’

Bill and Carol were grateful for PD’s diverse environment and global approach, which they saw complementing the cultural intelligence and leadership skills their kids had already developed living abroad and attending TASIS England.

Athletics provided another avenue through which the family could connect to their new surroundings; Will and Kate played on the Chargers’ varsity soccer and field hockey teams, respectively.  In finding a place for their children, Bill and Carol also found a place for themselves.

“I was so thrilled that they picked Providence Day because I found it to be a most caring community,” admitted Carol.  “The parents were involved.  I could get involved, and I found a community for myself.”  In addition to being a proud Charger fan, Bill has served – and continues to serve – in a variety of committee and leadership positions on the Board of Trustees.

Just as the PDS community is the right fit for his family, Bill believes the CHARGING forward campaign is happening at the right time for Providence Day.

“The school is operating on all cylinders right now – there’s no question,” said Bill.  “The campaign was logically timed from a needs perspective… the intentionality of it was really, really important.”

Both Bill and Carol cite the school’s excellent management and strong position in the community as the underpinnings that not only helped give rise to the CHARGING forward campaign, but that will also serve as one of the reasons for its ultimate success.

“There are so many things going right,” Carol remarked.  “I think you’ve got a bunch of very proud, happy families in a place that’s running so well.”  That allows the school to focus time and resources on major initiatives like the campaign, which they are confident will meet its $27 million goal.  Bill and Carol’s generous $50,000 commitment is an illustration of that confidence, and is rooted in a deep admiration and passion for the school and its impact on their children.

There are certainly tangible goals associated with the CHARGING forward campaign, including an increased endowment and a new Academic Center.  Yet, it is the intangible and unknown elements of the campaign that can be even more powerful.

“The campaign is an enabler to foster dreams to come true,” Bill remarked.  “Trust your gift to do all these amazing things that you can’t even possibly imagine.”

Bill and Carol are the proud parents of Will ’12 and  Kate ’14.