Levin Family Values the Diversity of Experience at PDS

As new parents to Providence Day, Ross and Jennifer Levin really liked that the school offered numerous opportunities for their kids to be exposed to a wide variety of experiences and global perspectives.

They also appreciated the freedom and responsibility students were given to shape their daily interactions on campus with their teachers and peers.

That diversity of experience is also offered to parents as well, with unending choices for how someone might choose to get involved at PD. Jennifer and Ross sensed that friendly, welcoming environment from the very start, and thought it smart that the school actively engaged them in a discussion about a culture of philanthropy and supporting the comprehensive CHARGING forward campaign.

Their enthusiasm for the school continues to grow as they watch their three kids blossom into self-confident students who are learning to master difficult subjects, all within a tremendously supportive classroom structure.

“The kids are very happy with their classes and their teachers,” said Ross. “We’re happy…because we see them doing well and the progress they’re making.”

Making progress is also something they believe is critical for Providence Day as well. With their generous commitment to the CHARGING forward campaign, the Levins are helping to shape the future of PDS.

“It’s important for a school to evolve and change and grow,” said Jennifer.

The outcome of the campaign will be realized not only in impressive new facilities, but also in the school’s ability to attract the best talent and be competitive in the future.

“The impact to the school is meaningful, and the campaign has a long-lasting life beyond even our students,” added Ross. As such, they see the CHARGING forward campaign as a catalyst that will continue to drive improvements for several generations of Providence Day families.

Ross and Jennifer are the proud parents of Lauren ’18, Adam ’21, and Mara ’23.