The Burgesses Reflect on the Full Providence Day Experience

Steve and Paige Burgess have had the luxury of seeing – literally from beginning to end – the entire Providence Day experience.

Their daughter, Elizabeth (known affectionately as “Charlie”), enrolled in TK in 2000 and graduated a ‘lifer’ 14 years later. 

A lot happens to your child in 14 years. So it’s with an incredible sense of perspective that they can look back and reminisce, while also looking forward in equal parts appreciation and anticipation of the impact of the CHARGING forward campaign. 

One of Paige’s favorite traditions is the day the senior ‘bus photo’ is taken. She loves it for the sense of accomplishment it signifies. And not just for her own child, but for everyone else who joins in the event.

“It’s joy and pure happiness – a great day,” recalled Paige. 

With son Ben a rising 9th grader, the Burgess family has more Charger memories to make. They acknowledge none of it would be possible without the “unbelievable teachers” who help shape and prepare students for life outside the classroom.

Paige and Steve appreciate the holistic approach the school takes in educating and nurturing its students.   

They consider a Providence Day education as “the whole package;” contributing so much more to a child’s growth than just what happens in the classroom.

“They make them [the students] stretch, and make them a little uncomfortable sometimes,” explained Steve. “I think the character that they instill…what they’re really doing, is trying to make better people.”

With their gift to the CHARGING forward campaign, Steve and Paige were committed to philanthropic stewardship of the school in the same way others before them had done.  

They recognize that Charlie enrolled in PD at the successful conclusion of the previous capital campaign, and benefitted from the then-new Thompson-Jones Library, Mosack Athletic Center, and technology enhancements brought about by others’ giving.

“It’s just our family’s philosophy to give back,” said Paige. “It’s already a great place; we want to help make it a better place for all the future students who will come here.”

In addition to enhancing the physical campus, Steve believes the CHARGING forward campaign will have intangible results as well – attracting the best people and keeping Providence Day “at the forefront” of the private school community in Charlotte.

Paige and Steve Burgess are the proud parents of Charlie ’14 and Ben ’19.