The Brooks Family Focuses on Future Generations

For Kelly Brooks, watching her daughter Olivia participate in the all-school play back in 2011 was an incredible, moving experience, although it wasn’t just the action on the stage that touched her heart. Olivia –in 2nd grade- was grouped with middle and upper-school girls for her role. The bond that formed during rehearsals is one that has endured over the years, even carrying past the oldest students’ graduations.

“I just remember realizing how important that was going to be for Olivia because those middle and upper-school girls really embraced the little girls, took them under their wing, and led them through that process,” explained Kelly.

Olivia has seized the opportunity to create the same experience for others, continuing her involvement in every all-school play since her first performance years ago, perhaps drawn by her own memories of that special connection.

“I think it’s probably less about theater and more about the camaraderie of being in those productions together and being part of something bigger,” said Kelly.  “I’ve just been so impressed by the relationships she still has [with the older girls].”

“Now, as she’s gotten older, seeing her be that support to the younger kids is really special,” added Paul.

Paul echoes that sentiment when asked what motivated him to support the  CHARGING forward campaign.  While he credits the administration’s passion for the initiative – “they just brought it to life” – it wasn’t until he reconciled the school’s culture of philanthropy with his family’s experience that he and Kelly decided to give in a significant way.

“For me, it was when I finally connected that we need to do this now because someone did it for us…we’re benefiting from someone else’s philanthropy years ago,” he said.  “Our kids benefit from that every time they’re here at school. For the next generation, if it’s not all of us, then who?”

Both Kelly and Paul consider their support of the campaign important in preserving the school’s vitality.  They believe the outcomes will provide a solid, strong infrastructure that will raise Providence Day’s profile statewide and internationally. They also weigh the emotional impact of a successful campaign on the school community.

“We’re all vested in the same experience, that feeling of family,” said Kelly.  “So when you have a stronger infrastructure, I think that allows for the relationships with the school to get stronger as well.”

The comprehensive CHARGING forward campaign is a way for people to feel connected to and passionate about the school.

“Our kids will always be Chargers.  We will always think about Providence Day.  It will always be part of our lives in some way,” she added.

The Brooks’ describe the campaign as both a responsibility and an opportunity to continue the Providence Day tradition of excellence.  It is a moment they want everyone to seize.

“We have been very blessed,” added Paul, “and making a commitment early in the campaign is allowing us to truly enjoy the process from a different perspective that has meaning and significance in our desire to give back to this community.”

Paul and Kelly Brooks are the proud parents of Olivia ’21 and Kasey ’23.