Fink Family Celebrates their Charger Legacy

The one thing Andy Fink can spend all day talking about is Providence Day School. With good reason.

The ’82 alum and his wife Amber have deep ties to the school, going back to its earliest years. He grew up in Charlotte in a nearby neighborhood and remembers when the campus was a private house and farm, with cows and horses on the front field. Andy’s older sister, Susan, also attended Providence Day.

Amber recalls coming to Ridenhour Gymnasium as a young girl and watching her aunt Lynn Nesta Reeves ’86 play basketball, and being allowed to cheer on the court with her other aunt, Lisa Nesta Montgomery ’81.

Both Andy and Amber are passionate about Providence Day, and that has translated into support for the CHARGING forward campaign.  Their gift was given in recognition of the impact the school has had on their lives.

“Everything that makes me who I am has a lot to do with me attending Providence Day School,” said Andy. “Providence Day has completely influenced my life. I would not have the friends I have. I would not have the education that I have. I would not have Amber. The experience is something that I absolutely cherish. Everybody should be as lucky.”

“I did not grow up in Charlotte,” explained Amber. “I went to a school similar to Providence Day, but I felt like PD was really the only school that I knew and that I would consider sending our children to.”

As conversations about the campaign started, both Andy and Amber were eager to make a gift. When approached about increasing their commitment through a naming opportunity, Andy considered how he made it to Providence Day — what he views as one of the biggest influences in his life. He and Amber agreed to a named gift in honor of his parents Robert and Nancy.
The gesture was made in recognition of both the past, and what the future holds.

“My parents spent all their money on me and my sisters, for our education,” he said. “They sacrificed their own well-being and their own future for us.  They’re not looking for recognition, but it was important to me because of what they had done.”

Amber likes the idea that their daughter may some day walk the halls and see the connection, understand the strong sense of community, and celebrate the legacy of her Charger family.

“It will always be there,” Amber said.  “She can say ‘that’s my Mimi and Popi.’”

It is a gift that they consider “worth every penny.”

Andy and Amber Fink are the proud parents of daughter Presley, ’28.