The Cohen Family Focuses on the Long View

Bruce and Elizabeth Cohen can do the math.  As parents of two Upper School students, they understand their kids may come back to campus as alumni and appreciate the new Academic Center, but will likely not have that experience as students.  They decided to take the long view, and made a significant gift to the campaign anyway.

“PD continues to rise and now is the school that everyone is talking about,” explained Bruce.  “We want to continue the growth and prominence of Providence Day.  It’s very important to us.”

The Cohens have been part of the PDS community for just a few years. Making the switch to an independent school was something they didn’t take lightly; both of them were strong believers in public schools. The transition was made easier by the high level of involvement of teachers in student life, the many opportunities for extracurricular activities, and the impact of the learning environment on their kids.

“They’ve never done anything but love it,” said Elizabeth, in expressing the effect the PD culture has had on her sons.  “It all comes down to their teachers. They have some good mentors.  Their study habits have improved.  Their desire to be smart kids has really blossomed.”

Bruce echoed that sentiment. “There are so many teachers who know my kids really well. Whether it’s the good or the bad – they definitely know my kids.  That means they can really help them.”

While faculty play the primary role in the success of students, the value of a good campus infrastructure can’t be underestimated.  The Cohens believe that the physical structures can influence how kids work at school and how they feel about going to school. That’s why they see the  CHARGING forward campaign as a critical element in shaping generations of Providence Day graduates.

“The learning environment fosters the drive,” said Bruce.  “It elevates our kids’ work ethic,” added Elizabeth.  “The facilities, the equipment, the technology – all of that encourages students to be at their best every day.”   They also applaud the improved safety that will occur as a result of the changes to campus.

What probably resonates most with the Cohens, however, is how the campaign will prepare future graduates for success in their communities.  They’ve interacted with young alumni, who talk with pride about Providence Day, how well they’ve done in college, and how prepared they feel to take on life’s challenges.

“They’re doing great in school and they continue to come back.  You never hear anything negative.  You want to build on that,” said Bruce. “The reflection on our community is based on what these kids are doing. We see how important a Providence Day education is.”

The comprehensive CHARGING forward campaign allows the long view to come into focus.

Bruce and Elizabeth are the proud parents of Jake ’16 and Billy ’18.