Duncan Family Excited the Campaign is Finally Here

When Tom and Yvette Duncan were approached to make a gift to the CHARGING forward campaign, they thought to themselves, “Wow.  Finally!”

   A Providence Day family for more than 10 years, the Duncans had never before been asked to support a capital initiative.   They feel blessed they are able to contribute, and believe their leadership gift can have a real impact on the school – just as the school has had a real impact on their family. 

“I don’t think there was even a question as to whether or not we would give to the campaign,” said Yvette.  “The school has given so much to us and to our two boys.”

   The Duncans praise the way Providence Day faculty find – and then play up – each child’s strengths.  Their two sons benefitted from that approach, which they believe is rooted in our teachers’ willingness  to get to know each student’s personality and personal interests.   That allows the learning experience to be based on who each child is as a person and how they learn.  “There is always a positive approach,” explained Yvette.

   The CHARGING forward campaign will create even more opportunities for our teachers to be successful in the ever-changing landscape of educational instruction.  “The pace of change within academics is so fast, and yet some of our facilities are 20 years old,” said Tom.  The new Academic Center will be able to accommodate and adapt to leading-edge models of instruction that have become the hallmark of a PD experience.   The cross-functional spaces are designed specifically to enhance student engagement, collective problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity.

   “Now we’re going to have this state-of-the-art teaching facility that’s going to fit more with the way kids are being taught today.”

   While the Academic Center and other elements of the campaign will deliver direct benefits to students and families, Tom and Yvette consider the Campus Gateway building an equally important aspect to the school’s long-term future.  “It’s the first impression,” explained Yvette.  A true ‘front door’ – one that says “welcome to Providence Day School” to prospective families – has been missing on campus.  They appreciate that their gift will help put this piece of the campus master plan in place.

   In reflecting on their commitment to the CHARGING forward campaign, Tom and Yvette are inspired by the culture of philanthropy they see growing within the community.  “At Providence Day, you’re giving because you want to give…because you feel like you are going to get a return on your investment” said Tom.  Yet the return he alludes to is one not defined by the boundaries of the school campus, but rather by the impact future Providence Day alumni will have on the world. 

Tom and Yvette are the proud parents of Nicholas ’11 and George ’18.