Why the Smith Family Gives Back

The introduction came from a close family friend; the playground sealed the deal.  Despite living completely across town on the north side of Charlotte, Wyatt and Amber Smith arrived at a “surprising and quick decision” to attend Providence Day after being encouraged to visit by Saundra Robbins, a PDS faculty member.

During their first time on campus, the Smiths’ two young daughters ran out into the Extended Day playground and began playing like they immediately belonged.  The normal adolescent challenge of changing environments and fitting in when switching to a new school didn’t seem to apply.  The kids just viewed it as a place to make new friends and have fun.

“Of course it was totally worth the drive – and then the move,” explained Amber.

Wyatt sees the return on that long-ago family investment being personified every day in his children.  So it wasn’t a stretch for him to say yes when asked to contribute to the CHARGING forward campaign.

Having been involved with the school for many years, the Smiths are familiar with the campus master plan and understand the need for additional parking.  They also want to get rid of the “embarrassing” West Wing trailers.  None of these capital campaign elements, though, were the primary factor in their decision to give.  It was something more personal, arising from a broader recognition of the value they place on the Providence Day experience.

What really drove the Smiths to make a contribution was the desire to better serve the school’s students and faculty.

“Our kids and our teachers deserve the best.  They deserve top-notch facilities so that we can continue to deliver the kind of incredible education students get at Providence Day.”

The Smiths view the CHARGING forward campaign as a way for Providence Day to remain a leader in the very fast-paced, quick-changing educational environment.   Their hope for the campaign is that it propels the school to “always be on the forefront of the next greatest thing in education.”

– Wyatt and Amber Smith are the proud parents of Kyndal ’19 and Kailey ’20.