$250,000 Upfront Gift Makes an Impact

Bob and Collette Toth like to know their actions can make an impact.  Their $250,000 upfront gift to the CHARGING forward campaign does exactly that.

The Toth’s gift was the first leadership level commitment to the campaign, delivering a critically important message to the larger school community about the importance of this initiative to the future of Providence Day.

“The experience of our students today is largely defined by what we currently have in place on campus, with this campaign, we can have a major positive impact on the student experience looking forward.”

Providence Day’s remarkable faculty, global studies program, diverse student body, and strong sense of community are what attracted the Toth family to the school initially.  And they value what the school produces – global citizens who are empowered to make significant contributions to society.

“Our children are benefitting from what people before us have done.  We’re very thankful for that, and we feel we have an obligation to make sure that Providence Day School remains a differentiated, leading edge, and highly-regarded school — and that other students have the opportunity to experience that as well. The reputation of the school today is second to none and the future will be even more remarkable.”

The CHARGING forward campaign will make that future a reality.


– Bob and Collette Toth are the proud parents of Shauna and Mallory ’14.