Capital Naming Opportunities

Capital naming opportunities are available in the Academic Center, DeMayo Gateway Center as well as in various other facilities on campus. Opportunities begin at $35,000. To learn more, please contact us.

Academic Center

Naming Opportunities

  1. Learning Labs
  2. Offices & Conference Rooms
  3. Four Faculty Hubs (One Reserved)
  4. Lecture Theater (Reserved)
  5. Global Café (Reserved)
  6. Global Café Terrace (Reserved)
  7. Project Studio
  8. Presentation Zone
  9. Four Individual Floors (One Reserved)

Campus Gateway

Naming Opportunities

  1. Offices & Conference Rooms
  2. Arcade Connector
  3. Arcade Columns (Twenty-One Reserved)
  4. Gateway Lobby (Reserved)
  5. Second Floor Gateway Lobby
  6. Indoor Front Vestibule
  7. Galley

Around Campus

Naming Opportunities

  1. Head of School Residence
  2. Field House
  3. Tennis Center
  4. Office of Institutional Advancement House
  5. First and Second Floors, Dickson-Hemby Building
  6. First and Second Floors, McMahon Fine Arts Building

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