The Half-Million-Dollar Inspiration Challenge (Goal Exceeded!)

RAISED: $971,956 GOAL: $500,000

The Charging Forward campaign represents an enduring approach to safeguarding the future of Providence Day School. It is a future full of promise, discovery, and inspiration for our students, faculty, alumni and all who proudly call themselves “Chargers.”

In a significant and generous expression of philanthropic support, several families have joined together for the purpose of inspiring others to follow their leadership in augmenting their commitments or making first-time gifts to the Charging Forward campaign.

current parents ’28

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Downing
current parents ’19
alumni parents ’12, ’14, ’17

Mr. Peter J. & Mrs. Heather Heath Ryan
current parents ’25, ’25, ’29

Dr. Colin M. Webb ’03 & Dr. Kelly Webb

Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Webb
alumni parents ’03, ’04

Mr. & Mrs. Drew M. Wozniak ’03

This inspiration challenge will match dollar for dollar any gifts from new investors that include either a capital or endowment component and an Annual Fund designation, as well as any increased commitments from current investors who would like to augment their existing capital or endowment pledge. The match is available up to a total of $500,000 by December 31, 2017.

Since its inception in 1970, Providence Day has an established pattern of growth and improvement, with a focus on developing globally-minded, empathetic problem solvers.

It is that innovative spirit and forward-thinking approach to optimizing the teaching and learning environment which is being supported by the Charging Forward campaign.

The collective families were inspired to give to Providence Day as a way to recognize the school’s value as an extraordinary community that is providing the foundation for students to be successful in life.

Together, these families’ gifts and challenge will help fulfill a strategic vision of unparalleled academic excellence and support the critically-important student-teacher relationship that is the foundation of a Providence Day education.

“This inspiration challenge is an incredible testament to the culture of philanthropy that exists at Providence Day,” said Cathy Bessant, national chair of the Charging Forward campaign. “We are tremendously grateful and truly inspired by the families who joined together in support of this initiative, and encourage others to give in the same spirit of community and Charger pride.”

This inspiration challenge for new and current investors is an initiative within Charging Forward, Providence Day’s comprehensive $27 million campaign. The campaign’s three strategic priorities focus on optimizing the teaching and learning environment, growing the annual fund, and doubling the school’s endowment to firmly position Providence Day for the future.

For additional information, please contact Jeffrey S. Appel, Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement, at 704.887.6038 or